Friday, January 23, 2009


White on white and blue on blue.
I can see the sky from here.
I think of you.
Gone are the days when you were here,
my heart begs for you to come back.
I think of times passed,
and memories elapsed.
I long for you,
sun sitting on the surface of the sky.
Please come back.
Everyone waits for you.
Sadness in the eyes of those who you left,
loneliness in those who never said goodbye.
You can't fill the emptiness with sorrow,
it'll be gone tomorrow.
Eat you up inside,
there's blood on the riverside.
Black water locked in heavy ice,
gone 'til the break-up;
come back before it breaks.
Clouds stretching themselves before a long journey,
no wind to push them onwards.
Soon no-one will be here to see for you,
they'll all have forgotten you.
Don't go,
please come back.
Eat you up inside,
there's blood on the riverside.
Snowflakes perform pirroets and tumble down,
lying porcelain
on the undisturbed white canvas of snow.
Empty blue,
eyes looking out into the next world.
If you look hard enough you can see where you went.
Maybe if we look harder,
maybe if we search a little longer,
maybe if we pray a little better,
we can bring you back.
What made you go,
we'll never know.
Please don't go,
we need to know,
what's making you leave us so.
You can't be leaving yet,
we need you to tell us
where you went.
How can we find you
it's too late.
Why did you have to go?
Go away, away, away.
Eat you up inside;
call somebody quick, there's blood on the riverside
I can see
On the snow on the riverbank.
I hear the rush of the river.
I hear of it's soulful whisper.
I hear the gunshot cracking in the morning air.
Where, where, where
did you go?
Where can we look?
Can you come home?
It'd be suicide to think you can bring back a man who died....

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