Monday, January 12, 2009

An Ode to the Episode of C.F.

and every new and shining day
we take the path we hope will lead us to a better way
a better way where we can stay
a place we'd like to stay someday
to keep us with our better ways and keep the pain away
cuz all you got to lose is what you gained today
something to help you think before you go astray
the ways in which your people helped and guided you to say
don't you wanna stop and keep us all and make a big display?
with all your screwed up foreplay
and things that you really meant to be the other way
what more have i to say?
you ruined it you took your chance
you made sure we couldn't fix this trance
something to think about when you see what's really gone askance
the world rocking on its hinges like a door askew
as you realized just what you've come to do
life taking your mind in the paces you've been through
the ways in which you'll never understand exactly what they do
making your path up from the underworld
a journey from the unknown
as you can watch what you have blown
god on your side or maybe on the ones you have dethroned
think about it before everything is gone
something you shoulda understood fore what you did was said and done
now didn't you really have so much fun?
those family that you've put on the run?
do they really want to invest in someone full of rum
making their own lives hellish as they watch you perish
my god you must think you're special to make somethin incredible
that can make us all turn so unintelligible
wait til the light's gone off and you're uneligible
they'll be watchin your path as you grace unremarkable
the brains cells dyin as your eyes lose their sparkle
coming from a place where the descent's matriarchal
the weight of your world faced by others who made it more than partial
as you sit and you wink with the think in your drink
and watch these globs of slick black ink
killing itself off with the drink
everything gone in the time of a blink
something to be said as the world begins to shrink
everything is gone with the length of a song
didn't really take that long
just keep goin along
with those you belong
and soon before you can realize what has come to pass
and wish that you could surpass
but my god won't you be living in the past?
cuz it's gonna come and get you before you can make the pass
and dive back into the things you thought you hid in the grass
maybe your kid will dig up your needles, your pills or your powder
lay it out on the floor so perfect
with the simple look of a child so innocent
that you can't help to corrupt with a mind so undiligent
cut the crap and clean up your act
cuz you've still got the life in your muscles to react
just get up off your ass and hope the edge where you're walking hasn't cracked.

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