Friday, January 23, 2009


and then you really might know what it's like
cuz i think that you been thinking what you know is right
but i think you realize it ain't alright
cuz how can you see these things at the end of the night?
i can't see but i been thinkin'
that you don't know what you been doin'
cuz how can you see what you haven't been understandin'?
where is the love
where is the thing that you thought you had to lose?
where did it go?
where has it been?
lies won't stop
cries won't stop
you need to fix all this and make it stop
cuz it won't end 'til you're gonna drop
singin' and dancin' and tellin' your song
cuz you've never understood how this did you wrong
how couldn't you see things all along
there isn't much too see the way things have gone
how can you rest when so much must be done?
i bet you coulda found a better way
one with benefits and vacation pay
a way to make life fun today
but i think you and i know why you chose this way
driving down the highway at a quarter to five
just tryna think about keeping it alive
what's there to do when all you've done is lie?


Anonymous said...

props to you for a wonderful poem.

Johnny said...

Thanks! Your comment is much appreciated.