Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the ferris wheel

beautiful wheel
high up in the sky
twisting twisting twisting
round and round it goes
coming up each time at the same exact angle
tangible colours and sensations dot the night
bobbles of bright colours
round and round it goes
the wheel of life
eliptical journey
each day the sun rises, each day the sun sets
gently it spins its metallic braces and arms
the night sky is lit
the dancing colours
of the carnival go higher and higher into the shimmering sky
soon the great wheel whirls
and faster
it has become a blur of light and sound
as people in the seats laugh
and scream
as they go
round and round it goes
it is magical
it has transformed from a gargantuan hunk of metal
my eyes watch it spin
round and round it goes
i am fascination by its lunar journey
along its spectral orbit
it is
as though
only i can see it
i am not at the carnival
i am
soon, as all of the world disappears before my eyes
i am on a flat plain of black ground
before me
the ferris wheel

Sunday, December 7, 2008

As Soon As You're Born

riding off into the dying sun
seeing what's ended and what has begun
close your eyes and wish what's been done
edge of the world in the back of your mind
it's hard to live and it's hard to define
where the feeling ends and when you've crossed the line
high as a kite in an aching sky of blue
watching the clouds glide between me and you
making emotions turn to dust that is see-through
that's whisked up by cars as they pass through
leaving no trace they were ever there
just like everything else for which you care
cuz there's nothing to do there
faceless night swallowing the sky
makes you feel like you're gonna die
keep out the madness by closing your eyes
but even from them you can't ever hide
they'll come find your not matter how hard you try
surround you in the travestied web of their lies
eat you up like a burger and fries
til you come to accept that your part of their lives
something to think as you watch people die
distant sun coming up to meet the day that comes early
it should be filled with things that are plenty
something you can't count on in a land that is empty
while the glares of americans remain ever so frosty
the ones that can see past the creation of fallacy
something to be considered when your dishing out an apology
but what they deserve is no matter of humility
since they can never be expected to understand your agony
something that makes you more human than anything
nobody listens and nobody hears
nothing waiting between you and the fear