Monday, June 29, 2009

Parental Control

so i sit and admire the world you have created for me
the place you have designed and guarded
jealously waiting for the surprise and honour so perfect for my world
in your haste and hard work you have made it some thrill
hoping to keep me occupied and entertained
you put before me the most you could afford
the riches of your soul and all the treasures of your money galore
your foundest hopes are passed to me
the burning torch of your desires unfolds
all that you have wished for is supposedly my desires
i admire and observe these things of beauty
only to tell that you have forgotten some
or that you have not been thinking at all of me
instead you have created the world only for the image of yourself

Thursday, June 11, 2009


and so i saw my ancestors
all lined up like at a feast
most of them all gone now to a land of rest
but the rest got told by some they're traitors

now don't tell me i've seen the last of those retaliators
cuz i know that those cowards can't mess with the best
especially when those they do are this content originators
kinda like they wanna poke some sort of jest

but time will tell who does well
overcoming the consequences of greed and destruction
passing in between the troughs and riding the swells
perhaps proving the point we've got more gumption

the song's can't be sung if the sun don't shine
but as you'll come to see, everything's done in the end of time