Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ebb and Flow

ebb and flow
edge of this world and that down below
south, take the long way home
past the houses row on row
down to the city
taken away from the village and into the proximity
big highways and animosity
selling their souls and that of others in ferocity
hoping nobody notices
hiding in the garden full of lotuses
try to blend in within the majority
though they stand out in a way of mediocrisy
hidden in their own waves of hypocrisy
the police follow them
from here to the end
something you don't wanna do to a friend
set up on a path
that they can't off
no matter how hard they try
they've been lost
something else transpires
within the cities so-called ancient spires
the dark face of something sinister
lurking within the shadows
the same colour as those gowns worn by ministers
i wonder who understands these facts
so that we can all sit back and relax
and understand the difference between carbon and income tax
don't wanna signal a relapse
guess we're just gonna have to sit this one out and pass
keep what's better hidden in the past
scare the tourists off fast
sometime ago you thought this was beautiful
come to the city and reap what is bountiful
didn't realize how things were gonna crystalize
keep me locked in as things synthesize
nothing we can do to remove these lies
cause we've been locked in by our own innocent eyes
naive children anxious to learn
unaware we would come to know to much
but now when we think we've seen enough
we're trapped in a world that's too rough
something they warned us about in elementary school
when we were all in awe and thought violence was cool
didn't even think we'd been played as a fool
something else that they'll never show you in school

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Green Grass Sky

green grass high in the sky
looking back down the road
heaven and hell on the fly
travelling thru the tales we been told
silver light crossing your mind
something else to understand
can't you keep the things you find
keep yourself free from reprimand
and so we went this way
around the path
arcing along within the day
couting every fence post
god in heaven watch us over
like they said he would
make sure we're safe forever
as we have understood
somewhere behind the curtain
black like diamonds in the dark
empty as a cocktail glass
with nothing left to drink
i see a light
dancing in a circle
and it's the only thing left
of what we did create
taking all these thoughts
i hope to realize
that all we had were theories
of how to actualize
maybe it's just too bad
that what we've managed to do has failed
or maybe this is better
so now we can learn to feel
shining dollars on the counter
what they cannot buy i don't want to know
just what they do i can
the rest is all someone else's knowledge
pass down by the gentle river
going back to the valley
take our time 'cause this isn't a race
watch the sunset from the veranda
clouds swaying in the whispy breeze
green grass dead with the graveyard
accented by a sky of blue
all the roads are made of gravel

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Red Car

crawling up the hill between the houses
just on the edge of the town
I saw the car
bright red like a cherry on top of a cake
shiny like a freshly painted firetruck
sitting in front on the house
it doesn't belong to anyone here I know
maybe someone's kid from the city came back
made a lot of money
put us all to shame
doesn't want people to know where they came from
not a little dusty town like this
I sat there and admired the car
I wanted one too
but then I stopped to think
where does money like that come from,
when everything's too good to be true?
maybe the bad places that adults like to talk about
in hushed voices with the door closed.
I never saw the owner of the car;
I figured it was bad to spy.
the car was still there
the next day
along with everything else
just like the day before
school with its dull lessons in the fall away from here,
christmas with its bright packages from home that we long for,
the first sunny days of spring that soon it will be another summer and we will return home.
I think again of the red car
maybe it is someone from the school
bringing that car into town
I don't know what they'd want here.