Monday, August 10, 2009

Nothing Left

cuz what you've never had is nothing left to lose
nothing left to understand
when all you've had is something better than before
all you coulda been is worse than what you are
look off and see those differences away so far
i bet the changes are too difficult for you to imagine
cuz there's nothing to forget
in the end i guess there's nothing to regret
just emptiness and laughing silence left to rot
all that coulda been is just wrong
gonna leave those gifts that coulda been given cuz they're wrong
cuz the way you coulda learnt is wrong
wrong wrong wrong
never knew any other way that what i can see today
but all i can see is the way that the old ones pray
but i don't think that is gonna be another way
that reality has never held ground for me today
angels once said that all i can do is tell the story i was told
get out of this dark hole, break the mold
take myself a blanket and go back out in the cold
somewhere in the back of my mind i know the truth was sold
to someone else who didn't have a soul
or maybe just that they didn't break the mold
cuz all they wanted was what's been sold
somethings never change and somethings never stay the same
somewhere out there there's nothing similar
that is reality everything is just a mirror
of what we wanted when it was gone in magic made
by those who wanted to make sure we wouldn't manage or remake
what the wanted us to hate
those things about ourselves we try to remake
cuz there's never time telling you that it's too late
maybe a second chance is just to turn back the clock and go out that gate
another chance to change the hands of fate
so cruel and unjust there's sometimes nothing left but hate
and no-one left to liberate
i hope there's something left for you to leave
so that i can take a chance and love
instead of hoping to take some paint and cover it all uo
instead of making it vanish up

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Round Drum

round drum
carries heartbeat, heartbreak
carry that drum in your chest
take good care to protect and honour
your ancestors worked for it
take good care of it
only love and honesty are in there
there is a reason you have been givent this drum,
this drum that was carried by those who are near and dear,
at least those you are descended from, whether there is love there or not
take this drum from them
even if you do not love them, because without it you will be lost
there will be nothing to carry your heartbeat, heartbreak
take this drum
and with it you will be able to hear your heart
take this heart, and you will be able to hear the heartbeats of your ancestors
those echoes are still in there
take this heart, and you will be able to hear what has happened before you
those stories are still in there
gently take this drum so you can hear your drumbeat
they say that individuals only march to the beat of their own drum
only you can decide what that beat is
take this heart so you can hear your drumbeat
take this drum


cut the surface like glass
metal gunwhale sharpened to a point
we're going home
horizon invisible to the naked eye
donning sunglasses at night, i see home
sparkling stars dancing in the dark sky
up above my head
heart's compass is the only necessary guide
day's just begun
nothing between us and the other side
admiring the beautific trees and green
ripples hit the rocks
all i know of them is their reverbations
echoes coming back to me
everything i need
everything i need
everything i need
it's all here with me
somewhere south behind is a land of glass and cynicism
nothing i need
left behind cause all i had was nothing left to lose
goodbye green
i think i'll settle for a red any day, anyways
some things were just never made to last
one day i might go back
but in the meantime, nighttime
i'll just sigh and say goodbye
save yourself and get away, got to keep myself all to my self
who knows what's waiting on the other side?
i dunno but won't we all see sometimes
take everything you've got, and give it back
keep on giving everything you're not
instead of taking everything you've got
somewhere, over the rainbow
that's what they told me, anyways
don't worry, i'll say goodbye to green
take a red any day, anyways

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

don't worry

don't worry i already hate you
the place that you have created doesn't have room enough for me
don't worry i can take you
i've already learned how to deal with stares, wordless comments
don't worry, i won't forget you
like the thousands before you whom i lost respect for, you will always be enshrined
no matter how hard to work, no matter how hard you try
that image of your own ignorance and utter failure is branded into my mind
perhaps it would've been best if you tried for success but sadly you have never succeeded
those hollow words that you speak are nothing but empty threats
time doesn't need to errode them to tell me that what you have said is really nothing
i don't even have to listen to you anymore
destitution and persecution is all that i am destined for by your projection
seems you have left whatever else is there to my own reflection
perhaps you hope that i can just keep afloat
never have to take care of me, carry me with your money

ergo, i too am human

Thursday, July 16, 2009

long time ago eh

when i was young (long time ago eh)
i walked
i saw
big city opened up it's mouth and yawned
inviting universe ravishing in beauty and furnished with fantasy
a playground.
i walked
beside the bars, the drunks, homeless, junkies,
city life created its own offspring, larvae ready to implode
destroyed already before incubation and (re)birth
i walked
i saw
and i heard the words when i saw
don't be like 
paraded by parents (their own minds clouded by what they were taught, afraid themselves)
don't be like
don't be another drunk indian
don't be another drunk indian
a long time ago eh?
sunset smiled down on the man-made metropolis
green grass growing gaily down the boulevard
human footprint on the land.
once where women took care of the land, loved it, grew only what was needed
they are gone.
only big city opening its mouth, yawns
young eyes open up to far far away
the city has disappeared already because it has destroyed itself
multiple identities gone.
no more taking children down the damp sidewalk,
telling the kids
don't be like
no more.
water rises up to meet the sky and everything disappears.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Parental Control

so i sit and admire the world you have created for me
the place you have designed and guarded
jealously waiting for the surprise and honour so perfect for my world
in your haste and hard work you have made it some thrill
hoping to keep me occupied and entertained
you put before me the most you could afford
the riches of your soul and all the treasures of your money galore
your foundest hopes are passed to me
the burning torch of your desires unfolds
all that you have wished for is supposedly my desires
i admire and observe these things of beauty
only to tell that you have forgotten some
or that you have not been thinking at all of me
instead you have created the world only for the image of yourself

Thursday, June 11, 2009


and so i saw my ancestors
all lined up like at a feast
most of them all gone now to a land of rest
but the rest got told by some they're traitors

now don't tell me i've seen the last of those retaliators
cuz i know that those cowards can't mess with the best
especially when those they do are this content originators
kinda like they wanna poke some sort of jest

but time will tell who does well
overcoming the consequences of greed and destruction
passing in between the troughs and riding the swells
perhaps proving the point we've got more gumption

the song's can't be sung if the sun don't shine
but as you'll come to see, everything's done in the end of time