Sunday, August 9, 2009


cut the surface like glass
metal gunwhale sharpened to a point
we're going home
horizon invisible to the naked eye
donning sunglasses at night, i see home
sparkling stars dancing in the dark sky
up above my head
heart's compass is the only necessary guide
day's just begun
nothing between us and the other side
admiring the beautific trees and green
ripples hit the rocks
all i know of them is their reverbations
echoes coming back to me
everything i need
everything i need
everything i need
it's all here with me
somewhere south behind is a land of glass and cynicism
nothing i need
left behind cause all i had was nothing left to lose
goodbye green
i think i'll settle for a red any day, anyways
some things were just never made to last
one day i might go back
but in the meantime, nighttime
i'll just sigh and say goodbye
save yourself and get away, got to keep myself all to my self
who knows what's waiting on the other side?
i dunno but won't we all see sometimes
take everything you've got, and give it back
keep on giving everything you're not
instead of taking everything you've got
somewhere, over the rainbow
that's what they told me, anyways
don't worry, i'll say goodbye to green
take a red any day, anyways

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