Friday, January 30, 2009

Made the Change

got myself a ticket home
goin back to the place i was born
goin home to where i'm from
family waiting at the shore
gonna wait for me in lac la ronge
then we go back
to where we're from
haven't been there in a long time
gonna see things that'll make me smile
gonna see things i haven't see in a while
just wanna get out back on the land
see the water where it mirrors the sky
just wanna see the same things again
i'm sailing home
the bus wheels whine
it seems the cry
the city left in goodbye
took my transfer at prince albert
all the way from saskatoon
said goodbye to all the friends there
some family maybe too
nothin left there for me to do
got my possessions here with me
in the seat sitting here
i can see the land go by
the sky that same eternal blue
soon i'll be home too
the trees i see are the ones i've seen
when i've taken this road before
the green of their boughs waves playfully
as we rush past effortlessly
today i am happy
today i am going home
leavin saskatoon
nothing left for me to do there
only sit at the apartment walls and stare
as i see my shadow dance across the wall
sun's playin games
sweet smell of the country
sweet smile of the sunshine
going back home
going back to a place i though i'd never see again
and thought i'd never be again
but i was wrong
'cause here i am
smilin as i know we aren't too far away
from the place i like to call home
back to lac la ronge
so much here will be the same
encapsulated in my head
laid to rest 'til i came back
just so
i will see the changes that have come and gone
but that's the same with all the world
'cause nothin really changes
only you do, and you see them a different way
but nothin's really different
you made the change

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