Saturday, April 4, 2009

Not So Innocent

Clustering the corner
leaning, apprehensive
the crowd admires the passing traffic.
Rain patters down, unnoticed
they are worlds away,
heads spun and twisted, the needles within knitting.
Glassy eyes stare back at passerby
everything that they don't want to see.
Recognizing only the ones they know
looking beyond everything and everyone else
always searching.
Tourist exits bus
glancing in their general direction,
is afraid of them.
Fear takes over,
takes the role of fight or flight
the heart begins to pump harder.
At first they do not notice the tourist,
sitting duck,
hoping they will remain unobservant.
Unfortunately, some are more aware than others
one shambles over
glassy eyes hidden by a playful smile.
Tourist recoils
who are they
why are they here.
Caught off guard by the innocent smile
that is not so innocent
all is not what they thought.

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