Monday, April 20, 2009


magic doesn't happen overnight
doesn't get created when you sit up late at night
no-one understands why you'd go destroy something right
cuz magic's just another way to determine the wrong from the right

creation is just another evolution
when what you really want is revolution
crucify the masses and force them to wallow in their own retribution
no more lies and games, just a final solution

tolerance doesn't really teach
all it does is keep killin those who preach
the message screwed up before it gets to those they're tryna reach
nothing to lessen the fact that all they've ever taught they sucked off like a leech

motion flows and thought pattern slows
what's been done and gone is only in between the lows
keep you eyes up on the sky don't look down below
watchers keepin their eyes on you from down low

honesty the best defence for those who hope to repent
something to show for how many lives they spent
the last mistake, one to many for those who's lives went
angry edge to the horizon makes the land look bent

never seen anything so obviously destructive
curling tentacles menacing through eyes and hearts receptive
young minds gone to something so bad and deceptive
but what can we do, when they have chosen their own demise as elective?

bury the dead and move on
cuz what's been said is broken and gone
face the darkness and hope to usher in the dawn
but what can you do when everyone else is gone?

don't ride the fence and hope we'll buy your blue sky blues
cuz what you really wanna hide will come back to you
especially when you're knowin that it's really all true
feelings and farces can't save you from the fate painted by black and blue

they promised you the world in exchange for all you can give
but don't you want a chance to just be here and live?
or is that too much to ask for from someone slipping through a sieve

perhaps it's that you don't want to be here
instead you want to go where everything is really clear
and get yourself out of here
but what'll happen to those you left behind and helpless?

buy yourself that one way ticket
cuz once you've got it you can never release it
take yourself to a cell or a little black box, cuz that's what you want isn't?
and maybe then you know that you can't really get it

you don't really know what you got til it's gone and no i'm not just talking about that one song
you know the one where you kinda sang along
well it's that same old song
except that you never saw the light and now that time has gone

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