Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ghost Clouds

they smile like a dead dream
a dead dream half empty, the moldy lace curtains shaking in the whistling wind
nothing more shall remain
golden sunlight gone down behind the horizon
flowers bend in the oncoming storm
big brown earth mouth opens wide
swallows up the water from the wide open sky
nothing left behind
all is emptiness
ghost clouds smear in pirouettes daintily
their shadows dance on the grass
fading soon, they too will be gone
serene grandmother smiles
little children look up at the big dark sky
just words to express physical action
just names to express physical emotion
just another form of attachment
time changes all of everything
infinity keeps walking on
one by one, they are all gone
rain comes again
the wide earth opens wide mouths and swallows
rain falls down from the sky
grey aggregate colour
it lookings longingly at the ground so far away
the granite in the ground is the same colour
waving in the wind the grass continues
so many more times grass will be there
long ago descendants of it saw the same
everything is changed by time
only infinity keeps walking on

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