Monday, May 25, 2009

When the Lights Go Out

they put granny on a bus to nowhere
empty seats and foreign apolstery
all the words reserved for mental health facility
don't you wanna just join in the fantasy?
but in reality, it's just granny
taking a ride with her man just cause she can
the wind from the window just making her hair blow
as she sits and thinks about why she has to go
the hospital looms ever present in her recent memory
its prison like walls surrounding her with anger and jealousy
the grandkids, forgotten like broken china dishes
all those dreams can just go swim with the fishes
they put granny on a bus to nowhere
where's she gonna go if not there?
in her place there's gonna be another
whose grandkids neglect and smother
their love so fleeting that you wonder if they ever had a mother
to teach them the ways of the world and some others
but god knows the freedom beckons
and how freedom of choice is a better reckon
maybe their parents weren't even there to reconcile
the ways in which they left them while
they spent their own time in a place out of mine
those drunks in park knocked out from wine
while somewhere in the back of their minds
they know they should be at home
caring for the baby they like to call their own
when really it's granny who's doing it alone
her worn out frame carrying all that pain
that her kids never managed to shed
no matter how much blood they saw bled
cause sometimes what you think can teach really just goes to your head
in place of that honesty
they put a fake world of hilarity
high smiles and drunken whiles are the only thing left for their disparity
money vanishing faster than a magician on speed
they work too hard to get the fix they need
the kids wrapped in granny's arms 
hoping to protect them from harm
she can't be the answer to all hate's charms
they put granny on a bus to nowhere
once upon a time youth smiled on her
the now glazed eyes of her beloved fixed with hers
he seemed so much better
but that's what life is, isn't it?
change is natural
though we like to think it's controllable
with our various drugs instead of kisses and hugs
we blind the mind instead of teaching what way to find
ain't it a crime?
they put granny on a bus to nowhere
someday, she hopes 
those undeserving little sh_ts will look back and smile
for once appreciation show in their eyes
something they didn't know the really meaning of
because they were already gone from the reach of her love
something she couldn't deal with or thought she was above
not that it's her fault
she tried the best she could for run times two
when those who weren't supposed to let her down
decided to let their responsibilities drown
and hope that all they'd get from her was a demand and a frown
but sadly their immature minds are just too blind
to know that those they hurt the most
are those they hoped they could keep close
kids aren't kids anymore
they grew up, after giving up
because there wasn't anything left for them to reach up
they put granny on a bus to nowhere
because those little sh_ts wanted her there

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