Monday, May 25, 2009


kill for a thrill
kill for a chill
doesn't that make you ill?
to think that a kid would even think 
that to be like that he's gotta have a shank
something you'd expect in a prison
not a seventh grader
well, why don't i catch you later?
something the matter?
why do you think i run as your teeth chatter?
doesn't it give chills
to think that your own self is ready to kill
and you claim that your in it for a thrill
spice and dice and slice
but i can see that everything ain't all rosy and nice
perhaps we can be just as nice
blame the parents
better to just eat your carrots
eye-sight will make you a better killer anyways
i've seen what you think it is to be mean
and i've seen the ways you walk and what you mean
and how you think you're all over this scene
maybe just take a step
and see the vast void over which you've leapt
from childhood to the world of men
but i bet that's really what you wanted in the end
when all you've ever learnt is how to make a good friend
but will they really be there for you in the end?
those with their flashing clothes
and the way that they talk and the way they all know
now maybe i'm sad that the shape that you're in
might have to do with the shade of your skin
but somehow i don't think it has everything to do with why you're in
honesty and modesty
are not counted as goals
where the ice in your heart is as black as coals
but maybe more along the lines of prosperity
but how you got there needs some clarity
when all the world you've seen is just a fallacy

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