Sunday, February 15, 2009

Magic Bullets

magic bullets and sadistic currents
something we think we know as we think of how we need deterents
keep yourself away from the bad and hope to make yourself good
something that doesn't seem to work but you hoped it would
'cause that's the only way you can think of being good
enabled to disable 'cause that's the only way you've been able
why don't you just sit down at this table and be reasonable
but that's impossible 'cause you're really lost in yourself
doesn't take a blind man to see that you're the only one you need
'cause the things one which you need to feed
are things that just 'cause you to have more greed
when you're never satisfied by the things you'll never really need
if we're just shooting stars in the sky
then why do you keep looking forward to day you'll die?
nothing's ever going to change unless you take the chance and try
instead of looking blankly back up at the sky
animosity is just another form of curiousity
one where you don't know where your understanding is
'cause you have no idea what truth really is
lost in a blur of adrenaline and something else
so take a substance and inject it into your veins
remove the thoughts and actions you view as your chains
but before you know those things are your reins
and what you thought would make you feel better has become a bother
'cause there's no way to escape something that loves you like a brother

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