Friday, February 6, 2009

hey kiddo

hey kiddo
watchin' you grow up
i see what you're gonna be
just wanna guide you
see you through
make sure you know what to do
can't stop lovin' you
make me smile as i see you change
the ways of the world are wonders with you
happiness is blissful
my heart is kept safe
watchin' and learnin' as you do the things you do
i'm so proud
nothin' better than havin' this chance to be here
got nowhere else to take the place of now
i dunno if i'da said this back a year from now
but now i know
that there isn't anything better than seein' your kid grow
gotta share the love while we're here
my back is strong to carry the load
of parenthood and things for the old
cuz i know you're still young and'll do it for me when i get old
cuz that's just the way the way the stories are told
passed back along to the young from the old
your grace and innocence
are somthin' so genuine and free
it makes me laugh with joy
as i see the peace you carry inside
somethin' nobody should ever have to hide
somethin' i want you to carry with pride
i don't own you
you are your own person
i just want to be your guide
and help you do whatever you decide
cuz all parents gotta do is be their kid's guide

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