Sunday, November 16, 2008


learn to pacify the senses
bring the childish ideas back with erasers
quietly brand the damage that has happened here.
somewhere in the far reaches of your brain, something that remains that can never be the same,
i know you tried to break her,
make sure that nobody would realize
the mistakes you made when you went with her.
trying to blank out the past
won't help you make this tragic time pass
as you wonder what's gonna happen when everyone else finds out.
those kids, look at them
they're all yours
but this one, well that's a mistake eh?
why didn't you stop and use your head?
medical science created procedures for idiots just like you
the more the merry, not just a few
i wonder how many here would raise their hands and say....?
look at all the families here
oh so young and poor and maybe even,
lest i should stray to the side, and risk offending someone,
alcohol and drugs and guns aren't good for kids.
well all know that
so why can't you stick to that pact
you made way back
said you'd never do anything like that
remember that night?
when the dark sky was full of light
coming down from the silver stars
and we sat around the fire
and talked about the future
and hoped with all our hearts we could make it fruitful
and i don't just mean in the bedroom either
we honestly wanted to be able to make it better
for those who we would bring
into this world
but it seems many have forgotten
those sweet words that we spoke
maybe it's the honey dripping from their lips that was really what was said
cause that seems to be what's happened in the end
once i would have considered you a friend
but someone who hits his girlfriend?
no way for me to stay,
and neither should she,
she deserves better that what you've been giving
lying and stealing and running
hoping she won't notice and take to tattling,
bring in social services,
maybe make you realize what kind of diservices
that you really provide.
and what about those kids eh?
don't need a safer life than what you make for them today
all they want to do is go play
but you can't seem to do anything but prevent that
if i can ask anything from you,
it is to stop for once second
and perhaps for me to recommend
that you take a damn hard look
at your messed up life.
and all the other lives you have ruined.

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