Tuesday, July 8, 2008

south dakota

my brother
and i
once drove
across the bottom
of south dakota
in an old
station wagon
it was very dusty there
i don't know why
we went
he said he liked
the grasses there
he claimed the breeze
was nice and fresh
as it skittered off into
the west
i don't know why
we went
there instead
of montana or idaho
he said he preferred
the bottom of
south dakota.
the land there
was very flat indeed
with rocks
and dried out river beds
and funny looked grasses too
which stood quite still
against a brilliant sky of blue,
and beyond those little specks,
sometimes a rock or too
would the horizon crest.
we stopped and took a rest
by the zig-zags in a crooked fence,
that curved again
into the west.

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