Monday, May 19, 2008

my bro

spending money buying food
no-one cares if u cant afford to pay for food
8 bucks an hour ain't exactly fun
pretty sh*tty job all in all
money that should be spent at the mall
but i gotta save it all
gonna go to college in the fall

working long hours every single day
wished i had a job like my bro
carefully saves up all his hard earned dough
already knows where hez gonna go

my little bro spends all his money on weed
it aint sh*t that hez really gonna need
uses that sh*t up like chiken feed
im just glad he doesnt use speed

i dont like school that much
the teachers there are pretty f*cked up
the kids who like it there are just messed up
seems like they do nothin to get a buck

i wish there wasnt all this insanity
keeping us down and out with poverty
aint got time to look for clarity
aint gonna take no fuckin charity

every day it gets harder to go on
watchin my older bro makin sure he can get beyond
the shit u find at the bottom of a pond

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