Tuesday, March 25, 2008

government secrets

gov'ment buying time from the damn people
selling land like it's christmas presents
sending out churches to help the heathens
hoping to spread help
mission impossible
gov'ment chucking dimes and nickels at the wall
paying attention to their own downfall
keeping information to themselves
keeping the secrets up on high shelves
spreading out the settlements
watching their sacraments
gov'ment spending money on sh*t
wear the glove if it fits
making sure we all looking the right way
sending all the indians back to jail
making sure we don't know what we ain't been told
social services ain't got no money so they gotta fold
gov'ment taking taxes for entertainment
selling out to some British economist
poverty and abuse running loose
asking for helps like making your own noose
forests going down to the pulp mills
excavators diggin up the massacres
gov'ment been lyin to you all along
hidin history from those they been hurtin all along
since before dominion they been destroyin the land
makin sure everyone don't know what they banned
Kuper island is a prime example
if you want more like that we got a handful

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