Saturday, November 17, 2007


When I went away,
did you laugh,
did you cry.
I never thought about
not seeing you
with me.
it was a whole summer
and I'm already
that you were here,
with me.
Those soft and blurry
of you are fading
into smudges
in my brain that I
wish I could refresh
by seeing you.
I loved you,
and I still do,
these memories the greatest
treasures I hold dear,
locked away from the touch
of others,
a gift.
I miss you,
and only the sweet summer sun,
can re-etch
those feelings back
into my head.

I don't feel well. At all.... there's nothing I can do about it either really. The songbird outside the window with the stained green glass, overlooking the gently sloping gray dales that are covered with the ancient purple heather we walked through [do you remember yet?], ever the wind which goes over the top of them and comes down on the other side, like a laughing kite, diving, soaring, whistling through the huge valleys in between. I miss you, my hands are cold and I am alone among my peers until I can see you again, be with you again. Your lovely brown eyes are pressed into my thoughts, I want to talk to you rather than rely on a memory of you that is wasting away, succumbing to be eaten by time itself.

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