Thursday, August 9, 2007

i am st. archangel

do you see them,
they are marching
do you see them,
they are dying
heaven open up your broken heart
the lost ones who you made from the start
the shattered bones that snap like little piroettes of glass
souls gone to hell on earth
as he said it “those ones came for us, and then they took us” they are the killers the psychotropic mass-murderers with their eyes of diamond and a wreckless heart of powdered Cocain
sheen of sweat it glistens above the hot sun,
in the hands of the endless forger,
the great scorekeeper in the sky see me,
i am st. archangel i am st. archangel
i do not think you can see them
they are burning up like rotten ash in a boiler furnace
they are eaten up like ground meat pulverized by the endless chopping and cutting of silver-hued knives
they are murdered like lambs at slaughter
their flesh is already the feast of those who will replace them;
it is fate undone and cannot be kept away
those who follow in ttheir well-worn paths will take on the pain that is never going to disappear
they will take on the corpses that are once the living
and then become the dead
“those ones came for us, and then they took us”
they come again,
those ones never tire of what they do
they kill
their souls are like the ones they take to keep
they are just as dead as those who come after they have taken all who walk in their shadow
there is no shadow the eyes have ground them into shards of cultured glass
i am st. archangel i am st. archangel i am st. archanegl
do you not see what i put on the plate before you it is pure muscle it is human it is fresh it is the corpes of all those come were before you and then after you like you
they only saw the little shining lights
they didn’t see the death see it know it is death,
you are all gone too
thrown to pieces against a wall of bones your own faces now made of luxurious skin will be turned to stone you are the little pieces on the next plate
i can’t save you
i won’t save you
i am st. archangel i am st. archangel I AM ST. ARCHANGEL

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